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If you want to increase your revenue while decreasing your costs in generating that revenue, then Wet Fish Digital has the answer that is being sought after by thousands of businesses across the USA and worldwide.  What if you could make at least 10x your marketing investment…as a minimum? How would that compare to what you are spending now? Spend $1000 and make $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more!  How much more money could you be making? What if we offered a money back guarantee?

As a result of the Pandemic, online searching for products and services is up 870%.  Online companies saw record growths while traditional companies were being severely impacted.  Over 90% of people will search online before purchasing a product or service.   If you are not maximizing the selling power of your website and your social media platforms, you are losing more and more money to your competitors and that trend shows no sign of reversing.   You can do Pay Per Click campaigns and other paid advertising which are great for short term revenue, but the return on investment is nowhere near the return on organic search engine traffic.  Organic traffic is viewed as more trustworthy and more relevant to what the person is searching for.  Paid advertising is like renting a home and organic is like owning your home.  As competitors out pay you on your Pay per Click keywords you have to pay more to keep your spot – rent goes up.  With SEO done correctly you own your position!  Your competitors are spending $1000s of dollars for Pay Per Click advertising but with SEO the traffic to your website is a fraction of the cost with better long term results!